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Research and Analytics Analyst

Datapraxis is hiring at both senior and entry level roles on our growing team. We are looking for both established political researchers, analysts and data scientists, as well as people looking for their first role in this field.

At Datapraxis, we value a T-shaped skillset, where our analysts have strong foundations across a breadth of skills and a depth of experience in particular areas. Our core competencies are: Data management; Engineering & technology; Data science & methods; Analysis & Insights; Insights Communication; and Management.


Our work is cross-functional and high impact. A typical project might combine polling and research, data science, and insights generation and presentation. Analysts will have the opportunity to play both junior and senior roles on project teams across core functions and to grow professionally.

As an analyst at Datapraxis, your work will incorporate a combination of the following responsibilities. 


Depending on your experience you may contribute to or lead: 

  • The delivery of polling research projects that dig under the surface of enduring political strategy questions–from questionnaire drafting through vendor management, survey mechanics execution, survey data management and quality control, and data analysis. 

  • The conceptualisation and execution of statistical modelling projects, including with GDPR-compliant strategies that meet the needs of strategic and tactical decision making in novel contexts–from data preparation and management, quality assurance, exploratory analysis, model building (for example cluster modelling or MRP), and analysis of model findings and results.

  • The distillation of actionable political insights from research and data, as well as to the preparation of client-facing deliverables–including through visualisations and presentations. 

  • Datapraxis’ management and development of internal survey and open data processes–including our database, polling data pipelines and processes, and data assets.

  • Collaborate with data science leads, analytics leads, research leads, and political domain experts to create outputs that are locally relevant, strategically actionable, and serve our greater mission.


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.



Person Specification


You may be a good fit if you have:


  • Aptitude for insights–you are excited about gleaning actionable political insights from data, finding patterns and meaning, and making connections between data science, research, and strategic decision making.

  • Detail and process orientation–you have strong attention to detail when executing tasks, and you relish the chance to provide impactful support to dynamic political contexts and turn around a high volume of client-facing projects with fast turnaround times.

  • Survey, social, or data science methodology–if this is your first role on a professional research and analytics team, you may have an academic background in one or more of survey, social or data science. If you’ve already begun your career as a political analyst, you may have worked at a polling firm, public affairs and communications firm, as a data scientist/statistical modeller, or in academia.  

  • Coding and tech–you likely have at least intermediate proficiency conducting analysis in a statistical programming language such as python, R, or Stata. Our day to day collaboration happens in relational analytics databases; knowing SQL is a significant plus, and you’ll be excited to be a part of building data assets within industry best practice tech and data stacks. 

  • Personal growth mentality–you are excited to learn new skills, try new roles on projects, and grow as a professional.

  • Interest and passion for progressive politics–at its heart, our work is about generating insights that help democracy and progressive politics flourish in Europe, and you share our passion for waking up each day to serve the common good.

  • Kindness and team focus–we are building a team that is kind, warm, collaborative, and solutions focused. You share our belief that empathy and inclusivity creates the conditions for great work.


Contact: To apply, please contact with the phrase “Research and Analytics Analyst” in the subject line, with a CV and covering letter. 

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